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i was talking about this song with a friend today. so funny! great NG classic

Damn. i am diggin this 0:53 sec track!
Your melody and the counter melody and the base line
its so alive and FULL the whole song must be amazing!
I hope to here the rest of your song soon, i'll be looking out for you, no doubt!

Fahrenheit Fair Enough- album by: Telefon Tel Aviv

you remind me of this group i haven't heard much like them but their style is incredible

you to should check there songs out on the Youtubes.

but good work.

if you had a girl or more

...soprano voice
i would have giving you a perfect 10
but it still an awesome cover.
i like the feel of the Orchestra. it makes it feel very full. and i love the hints of pan flute

The title of this song is no exaggeration!

it had me from the first note to the very last im gonna end up spamming this song dude, im sorry haha

but yeah to my review.
the piano i love it!!
the synths are amazing no lie!!
your drums kit and patterns are sick!!
that splash of strings was perfect!
im not sure if you put trumpets or horns in there or if it just the sound of your awesome synths!!
i liked that guitar solo too!!

Just a wonderfully upbeat and happy song it put a smile on my face it really made my day you don't even know =D

larrylarrybb responds:

Thanks I love good detailed reviews like this one!


where can i get your album?
it is too nice!!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LMAO the album's on the News section of my profile
Thanks for the swing by

i like it alot but

theres a sound at the 4min mark that annoyed me
a beeeeeep bep beeeeeep if you could use a diffrent sound for that part...

other from that it really BOSS!

5 and 8 and a DL so that s like 13 points haha

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I honestly don't know what you're talking about
I don't think changing whatever sound you're talking about will have an effect on the score you gave so I think I'm gonna keep it the way it is

Points Points Points Points
Thanks for the review Nashton

Durn's mark

you always bleed in with that captivating muffled sound

awesome keep it up and go for broke!!

durn responds:

Aye, I love Hi and Lo-Pass Filters. So much fun to play with. :) Shouldn't just be DJs that get to have all the fun. ;)

Thanks for leaving a mark of your own. :)

i had this song for awhile but never commented

i listen to this song under these condition:

1.im driving
2. its night and completely dark.
3. and i must be on the Highway or a dark back road with no stoplights(brakes mood)

i end up touching 85-100 mph at time until the next song hahah

it is the best song on NG

wyze i think had it

even tho his flow is much more choppy then grim

his rhymes made me say "ooh!"

grim's sounds better but the insults were not has harsh

i dont know it was a first round thing but wyze should take it


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