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Not this month its no-fap-november.

i do not review often...

...but when I do, I feel its well put.

I looked through the comments you racked, and you got a good mix.

Yes, you played with my imagination with your series and you had me thinking and reading some text from myself, but I feel that all this is all just observations.

Observations that you cleverly bounded together through there commonality, which cannot be stated as a fact at all.

Yes, I do believe that this whole world is far more interconnected then we think; with ourselves as man and with our world with the universe.

So really what you are doing for me is widening the boundaries of my imagination.

No, I don't take all what you say as fact since there little scientific evidence to really convince me.

I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering in college right now and the flower of life thing is caught my attention the most.

but what I say to the others reviewing the SS series, is to take it more light hearted and not close off yourself. At least think and do your own investigations and see for yourself. Then go and believe want you want. I don't think his goal is to jam this down our throat say that is fact... ¬_¬

and don't just accept what he says look into these things yourself... because that is just foolish...

In closing:
What do you know about the all seeing eye and its relation to illuminati and free masonry. I'd like to hear what you think on that subject, Jordan.


RiverJordan responds:

I haven't looked too much into masonry, but I do know that this information, about mutations cube and the flower of life and true enlightenment is at least some of the information they've been protecting all this time :) in the flower of life book I linked to, a mason actually taught the author some special key behind metatrons cube

i can't wait to see the other rangers

that was pretty wicked
i'd like to see what you do for the others

i guess you won't do the White and Green ranger...

that would be cool too.

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i love it just wish it was longer!
so you get a 5/7 for lenght

im stuck on 18

i cant support my team

i like tho really fun

why cant i stop....?

it so great of a game

i love it =D

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i was talking about this song with a friend today. so funny! great NG classic

Damn. i am diggin this 0:53 sec track!
Your melody and the counter melody and the base line
its so alive and FULL the whole song must be amazing!
I hope to here the rest of your song soon, i'll be looking out for you, no doubt!

Fahrenheit Fair Enough- album by: Telefon Tel Aviv

you remind me of this group i haven't heard much like them but their style is incredible

you to should check there songs out on the Youtubes.

but good work.

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the lighting is excellent...

oh no...

you wrote a name ..... your not suppose too...

but i like the concept of the dood! =D

peixeaquatico responds:


1 is for toothpaste

haha awsome

you should have put pumpkin in there too!!


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